FAQ – Emerald Isle 3100 km

When does the event take place?

This event will commence on the 12th– 28th July 2018 and 14th – 28th July 2018.


What is the difference between the two start dates?

Full value riders can opt for 17 days and commence on the 12th July 2018. These are riders aiming to complete a minimum of 200km per day.

Timed Event riders start on the 14th of July and must complete in excess of 250+km per day in order to meet the designated control points.

This event ends on the 28th July 2018.


What is the difference between Timed Event and Tour?

The Timed Event consists of control points that must be reached within a specified time frame. If a rider fails in getting to a control point before it closes/ within the allotted time period they will be automatically placed into the Tour Category.

The Tour may commence on 12th July or the 14th July at the same date and time and start location as the timed event. However riders are not under as much time pressures to get to controls. Though, they must finish the event by 28th July 2018 to officially finish the event. Proof of passage is required from a variety of commercial and information controls along the way.

Both events end on the 28th July 2018


What is a Full Value Rider.

A full value rider is a rider aiming to take in as much of the scenery as possible on this magnificent 3100km bike ride through 17 stunning coastal counties and compete a minimum of 200km per day.


Where does the event Start and Finish?

The event both starts and finishes in Dublin.

The location of event start and finish will be shared in early 2018.


What type of bike is allowed?

This event caters for a wide range of human powered bikes. Ranging from Elliptigos, Tandems, Tricycles, Recumbents, Road bikes etc.


Can I enter a relay team, how many members are permitted, and what distance does each rider cover?

Relay teams are allowed and entry is through the link on our event page.

Teams can consist of between and including 3 to 6 riders. It is at the discretion of the team what distance is to be completed by each rider.

Relay team riders must swap over the tracker between riders at the designated locations decided by the team on the route.


What water will be on the route?

It is up to competitors to prepare/ fill their own water bottles and arrange to replenish them. Only the bag drops arranged by the organisers will have refill capabilities.


Can my Family Cross the finish line with me?

Sorry NO non-competitor (children, partner etc.) allowed to cross the finish line with you. Failure to comply may lead to disqualification.


Are there Prizes at the finish line?

For all participants that complete the event they will be presented with a bespoke trophy commissioned for the event. The fastest timed route rider will be presented with something special and Truly Irish!


Will markers be provided on the route?

Markers will not be provided on the route.


Will Route Sheets and GPS Files be provided?

Route sheet and Bike GPS files will be shared on the event website in the months prior to the event.


Swapping / Selling Race Entry Numbers

Selling or swapping / attempting to sell or swap event numbers will result in the number being cancelled.


Do I have to wear a helmet?

Rules of the road apply and all participants must wear properly fitted and CE marked helmets.


How do I return to the event start/ finish if I decide not to complete the event during the route?

Event organisers are NOT responsible for competitor’s transportation off the course during or after the event. Participants themselves have are responsible for their own transportation costs to the event start/ finish and if a participant decides not to complete the course while on it, the participant is again responsible for their own transportation costs.


Will there be live tracking?

Yes each participant will be provided with a tracker the data of live tracker refreshes every minute. Information on live tracking will be placed on website prior to event and also sent to each competitor to share with their family and friends. If a participant leaves the route without completing they are responsible to return the tracker hardware to race organisers.


Will there be Bag drops and rest points provided?

There will be a bag drop facility. A participant’s registration fee includes a minimum of two rest stops and a bag drop at 1300km. There will be rest and shower facilities provided at these stops.


What is a rest point?

Rest points have sleeping availability such as a camp bed or blow up mattress where competitors can grab 4-6 hours sleep and the use of toilet and shower facilities. and get some food.


Will additional rest stops be provided along the route other than the rest points?

No. At present there are a minimum of two bag drop points. Other than the bag drop locations no additional rest points are provided at the moment. However if the race organiser adds additional rest points it will not include bag drop availability, this is for logistic reasons.

The event organiser will provide links for accommodation points along the route.


If there are additional rest stops provider how can I find out?

As additional rest stops are provided these will be announced on Facebook feed and the event Website.


Can I claim an extra time allowance for going off-route?



Is it true that mudguards and lights are compulsory?

Mudguards are not  compulsory however LIGHTS ARE Compulsory.

Lights are required by Irish law if you ride between the times of dusk and dawn.


Are tri-bars allowed?



How do I enter?

Enter by using the link provided on the event website (www.atlanticseries.ie).


I’ve entered an event but now cannot ride, can I get my money back?

No, entry fees are kept as low as possible by making them Non-refundable and Non-transferable.


I’m in dispute with a fellow rider, what do I do?

It’s a private matter although it may involve the event organiser if insurance is in question.