Atlantic Series Adventure Race 2018

Atlantic Series Adventure Race 2018

Multi discipline adventure race legs this course will demand extreme mental discipline.

This event is scheduled for Saturday 22nd – Sunday 23rd September 2018 (Registration evening of Friday 21st September 2018)
The race will have a maximum competitor threshold.
The race will cover in excess of 400km + along the Mayo coast line and others!

What to expect!
A completion time no less than 30 – 36 hours the race will compose of time sensitive legs “Beat the Clock sections”.

Full race route is not released until event registration Friday evening 21st September – Competitors then have a period to plan for certain aspects of the race course.
Elements of the course are orienteering based.
Competitors must know be proficient swimmers. Competitors will be required to sign a swim declaration during the registration process.

Entries will open for teams and individuals. NOTE: A team must complete all disciplines and cross the finish line together.


This is a figure of 8 course competitors return to start point during race where they can avail of a rest/ food before attempting the remainder of the course.
This event commences at night – 2am.
Registration for the event will commence the evening prior to the race start.
Allowing competitors adequate time to rest. It is recommended to pitch a tent and rest prior to the event. – the tent allows competitors to use it as a fuel and rest stop during the mid- point section of the event. The tent is also a great location to rest afterwards!

Showers / toilets will be available at event start Denny’s Ferry Bar Rossport. (Post Code: F26 R8W8)

Bike Classifications

This event will be open to road bikes only, rules of the road apply all competitors must wear properly fitted and CE marked helmets.